Best Practice Strategy and Framework

SharePoint End-User & Technical Support

DumbSmart Learning & Development Solutions, Tier 1 and Tier 2 SharePoint Support consultants, work closely with SharePoint Administrators, Content Managers, and end-users to help address content management and site creation/modification needs, as well as troubleshoot issues reported by end users and the business clients.

"Our Consultants"

  • Meet with customers to discuss and record information regarding requests, enhancements, system problems, etc.
  • Gather requirements and information in order to perform proper development, maintenance and enhancements, or in performing testing and/or system analysis
  • Develop, maintain and enhance SharePoint content and applications based on the standards and guidelines set-up by office policy
  • Create and configure SharePoint sites, pages, and web parts
  • Provide training to government SharePoint Content Administrators and Content Managers
  • Provide end-user support for the business units who own the sites
  • Conduct beginner, intermediate, and advanced training sessions in the use of SharePoint including Windows and SharePoint 2013
  • Provide follow-up support by answering questions, demonstrating SharePoint functionality, and working through issues with users which sometimes requires collaboration with the infrastructure side of the organization
  • Are able to manage major projects and tasks to facilitate the use of SharePoint for a specific purposes
  • DumbSmart Learning and Development
  • Out-of-The Box (OTB), Customizable Off-the-Shelf (COTS)

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